Structured Authoring

Structured authoring is the foundation for an automated publishing process.

Knowledge workers can author once then use their content for output to print, Web, smartphone and digital devices. Structured authoring streamlines the publishing workflow while reducing errors and maintaining information consistency which makes for more accurate, timely and relevant customer communications.

Learn about Structured Authoring from the perspective of:

Businesses / Enterprises

Quark XML Author works within Word and can be deployed across the entire organisation increasing efficiency for all types of documents in all departments.

  • Integrates with Quark Publishing Platform, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet Content Manager, and other content management systems

  • Automates manual processes to streamline publishing

  • Reduces translation costs

Content Creators

When creating content in Microsoft Word, Quark XML Author modifies the operation of the user interface to correspond with XML requirements.

  • Accesses Intelligent Styles with a single keystroke

  • Eliminates redundancy and improves accuracy

  • Assembles information based on audience


Designers can use structured content components to create layouts specific to the delivery medium or the target audience.

  • Allows flexibility while maintaining control over the design and branding

  • Eliminates copy and pasting

  • Applies automated formatting

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