How it works

The modules of Quark Publishing Platform work together to enable automated assembly and multi-channel publishing of content for different audiences and media types.

The platform creates a customizable, end-to-end publishing solution that facilitates relevant, targeted communications which increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Beyond just print and Web, Quark Publishing Platform supports the reuse and repurposing of content and design to deliver rich, compelling, and interactive digital communications for mobile devices and tablets.


Quark Publishing Platform Server

The Quark Publishing Platform Server is an enterprise-class, Java server application that manages manual and automated publishing processes and components including projects, assets, metadata, versions, renditions, styles, privileges, and routing.

Quark Publishing Platform Server can:

  • Manage static and multimedia assets
  • Provide advanced XML component content management
  • Enable automatic updates of assets within projects when the asset itself changes

Quark Publishing Platform Web Client

As well as providing similar functionality to our desktop client, Quark Publishing Platform Web Client has an intuitive interface that supports editing and copy fitting content in a WYSIWIG view.

Without installing additional software, external knowledge workers can create documents from templates while they contribute and collaborate on projects remotely through a Web browser to:

  • Add notes and track changes
  • Receive and track assignments
  • Search for content


Quark Publishing Platform Renderer

A high-performance publishing server, Quark Publishing Platform Renderer offers the cost-reduction benefits of automation combined with the marketing benefits of professional design.

This best-in-class renderer will enable:

  • On-demand, personalised PDF generation
  • Real-time previews of content and interactive media
  • Automated digital publishing to tablets such as the iPad


Quark Author

Quark Author is Web-based content creation software designed to enable business users to create structured content (XML) within a familiar word processor-like environment.

The intuitive online authoring experience means enables subject matter experts to:

  • Rapidly create, reuse, preview, and publish content within any modern desktop Web browser
  • Create and organise content components using standard content types such as sections, paragraphs, lists, tables, charts and figures.
  • Reuse tables and charts from Excel
  • Dynamically assemble content for any output


Quark XML Author

Using Quark XML Author, an add-in to Microsoft Word, writers develop information components in Word that feed into Quark Publishing Platform where they can be automatically combined and delivered to print, PDF, Web, XML, XHTML, and other digital formats.

Organisations can quickly implement XML with little or no training and benefit from:

  • Information reuse
  • Increased information accuracy
  • Improved customer communications


QuarkXPress Enterprise Edition

QuarkXPress Enterprise Edition is design software that facilitates the creation and publishing of richly designed materials to print, Web, eBooks, smartphones and tablets such as the iPad.

This easy-to-use tool works with Quark Publishing Platform so users can search, assign and track page elements, projects and publications while streamlining the publishing workflow with:

  • Layout automation and synchronised content
  • Cross-media publishing
  • Automatic image format conversion


Quark Publishing Platform Client

Quark Publishing Platform Client extends the features and benefits of an efficient publishing system to every user regardless of their location, application preference and operating system.

Easy contribution, collaboration and visual browsing of assets such as graphics, illustrations and multimedia from any desktop software speeds time-to-market through:

  • Versioning and metadata access
  • Customisable workflows for print and digital
  • Drag-and-drop asset check-in


App Studio

App Studio is Quark’s next generation digital publishing solution that uses HTML5 to push the bounds of user experience without the high cost and effort associated with custom app development.

With App Studio and Quark Publishing Platform, organisations can:

  • Create customer-facing apps with rich, interactive content that can be delivered across multiple platforms and devices
  • Develop internal, user-authenticated mobile apps that securely deliver sales enablement resources to globally distributed teams
  • Automate app content creation from XML and database content

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