CoDesCo IT Consulting was founded in 1987. We started with distribution and development of XTensions and PlugIns for the products of the companies Quark Inc™ and Adobe Systems Inc™.

To this day we have developed more than 400 own XTensions™/PlugIns under the label "extended technologies". Over the years we implemented 400 additional XTensions™ and several PlugIns of other providers into our portfolio. To overview our XTension™/ PlugIn portfolio please click here.

Other competencies of our company are found in the development, optimization/adjustment and integration of publishing software solutions. Worldwide we have installed more than 100 publishingsystems (for print as well as online). Thereby no system is comparable with another (although the same software is in use), because in the majority of cases the requirements and wishes of our clients are quite different.

Caused on our long time experience we know, that the requirements on publishing systems and publishing software, of publishers and agencies,  has changed over the last years.
Today companies of every branch deal with "Corporate Publishing". This "Corporate Publishers" wants to edit their content on every workstation,  inside and outside of the company and without any media breaks- the generic term "Flexibility" stands in the first place.

To reach this flexibility, terms like Crossmedia Publishing (Print/Internet/Interactiv), XML, Multilingual, Plattform Independens, QuarkXPress vs. AdobeInDesign, are from particular importance for our customers.
We realized this trend early! Therefore we set a great value on the flexible and combinable usability of our products in our whole productportfolio.

Caused on the modular and nevertheless, high integratable architecture of our own softwaresolutions we can react fast and flexible on our customers needs. Our systems are either usable as stand alone modules (complete solutions) or as complementary modules to the products of our partner companies. Self evident our modules are as well integratable as complementary modules over api´s in many other system.

For an overview of our publishing products/solutions please click on one of the following core themes:

Decide by yourself, wich products or solution (complete/ complementary) finally fits best to your needs. Our specialiced team members looking forward to give you a detailed consulting.