Digital Publishing

Enterprises need to deliver compelling, interactive communications to a variety of internal and external audiences across multiple devices and platforms.

Equally important is knowing how customers, employees, and partners are interacting with your content. Quark Publishing Platform is the essential distribution service for the efficient and secure delivery of digital content.

Learn about Digital Publishing from the perspective of:

Businesses / Enterprises

Digital communications enable businesses to track client response and quickly refresh programs and promotions for enhanced results.

  • Secure digital delivery to both internal and external recipients

  • Focused messages positively impact customer engagement

  • Low cost and high return for improving and resending communications

Content Creators

Quark Publishing Platform allows all divisions in an organisation to create smart content for automated delivery to all the formats and devices the organisation requires.

  • Automatically updates all instances of digital assets when changes are made

  • Delivers content automatically and dynamically to multiple devices without concern for individual formatting

  • Allows content creators to author content for multiple audiences


Create compelling, richly designed interactive content for the Web and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, without programming or coding.

  • Reduces time spent in edits and review by providing other users the ability to preview digital assets and publications

  • Provides synchronisation between layouts and other intelligent formatting to publish to multiple channels efficiently

  • Requires one software tool to publish to multiple media, increasing productivity

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