Business System Integration

Quark Publishing Platform is built on open architectures and modern, flexible standards designed to integrate seamlessly with clients' existing business systems and IT infrastructures.

From customer relationship management tools to data feeds and proprietary systems, Quark Publishing Platform is built for integration with complex business environments.

Learn about Business System Integration from the perspective of:

Businesses / Enterprises

Quark's open approach to business system integration allows Quark Enterprise Solutions to have a bi-directional relationship with existing infrastructure which makes them easy to integrate with existing Web architecture.

  • Allows access via SOAP and Rest service interfaces

  • Contains purpose-built services as well as a custom services capability

  • Supports the collection of content from third-party systems and can also publish content to these systems

Content Creators

When creating content, knowledge workers can access information from business and financial systems to pull in current data without the need to copy and paste it from the company's databases.

  • Eliminates the introduction of errors by accessing data directly

  • Ensures accurate data is used

  • Reduces time spent searching databases, leaving more time for content creation


The platform supports clients' existing architecture, so designers are able to continue to use the tools with which they are familiar while streamlining their workflow and ensuring the factual accuracy of any imported information.

  • Automatically updates content used from financial and business systems

  • Reduces manual tasks, such as copy and paste

  • Speeds production of documents

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