Quark Publishing Platform can help automate all aspects of multi-channel publishing while enabling the delivery of richly designed communications across print, Web, mobile, and tablet formats.

The platform provides cost-effective development of content components, as well as management and delivery of content for print, Web, and digital channels. These components can be automatically assembled in multiple ways to meet the different requirements for engaging, format-specific design and interactivity across a variety of channels.

Learn about Multi-channel Publishing from the perspective of:

Businesses / Enterprises

A strategic approach that encompasses content creation, management, and delivery can simplify publishing across multiple media.

  • Develops richly designed communications cost-effectively

  • Improves workflow and shortens publishing time with automatic assembly of content

  • Reduces publishing costs up to 50%

Content Creators

Writers and content creators can create media-appropriate content for a variety of channels such as print, Web and digital devices. This can include slideshows, text, video, and audio depending on the delivery method.

  • Author in Microsoft Word

  • Applies appropriate styling for each medium

  • Generates PDFs, HTML, apps and even QuarkXPress files with a single click


Using QuarkXPress, designers can efficiently create compelling layouts for print, Web and digital devices such as the iPad and Kindle.

  • Requires no coding

  • Maintains brand consistency with synchronised content

  • Leaves more time for creativity



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