Content Reuse

Quark Publishing Platform eliminates duplicate creation of text, images and other content by providing the critical reuse management features required for consistent and quality communications.

Reused components cannot be deleted and contain references defining versions and usage. The easy assembly of specific components eliminates the redundant work previously required for the duplication of information and enables fast, relevant communication with customers.

Learn about Content Reuse from the perspective of:

Businesses / Enterprises

Quark Publishing Platform provides the ability for cross-organisation content reuse.

  • Increases content authors' productivity creating new content

  • Decreases rewrite time and maintains consistent messaging across channels

  • Contributes to an efficient, streamlined workflow for the organisation

Content Creators

Quark Publishing Platform reduces the amount of time content creators spend rewriting text or searching for existing copy by allowing them to create structured content.

  • Allows authors from different departments to create structured content for automatic placement in templates

  • Eliminates searching for individual pieces of copy or content among thousands of documents

  • Increases time spent creating new content


Content reuse allows designers to easily repurpose images, icons and other graphic elements across all of their projects. Assembling designs from components that have been tagged with metadata in the database takes less time than searching for items then cutting and pasting. Designers can also lock down their company's branding for more consistent final results.

  • Places images, content, and other assets automatically based on initial metadata tagging

  • Reduces time spent copying and pasting, increasing available design time

  • Maintains consistent branding and messaging

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