QPS Core Components

Integrate the way you want

QPS® includes several components that are easy to deploy and integrate into your existing IT environment. They plug-and-play with your current systems and preferred applications, flexibly adapting to your unique publishing requirements so you can work the way you want.

QPS Server
The Java™ based, platform independent, SQL database server is the heart of QPS — it acts as the automated workflow director, or traffic cop. The server manages all aspects of the creative workgroup, such as the publications, projects, files, versions, users, privileges, styles, workflows, and routing. Currently certified on Mac OS® X and Windows® 2003 Server.

QuarkXPress Server
QPS includes a limited, locked down version of QuarkXPress® Server, a composition and rendering engine that powers publishing workflows and business applications for the automated creation of PDF, PostScript®, and EPS files as well as XML output, Web-based editing, and full-size and thumbnail previews of QuarkXPress layouts and QuarkCopyDesk files.

Purchase a full license of QuarkXPress Server to unleash its full power and capabilities, taking your production environment to whole new level of automation.

QPS Connect Client
A multi-functional, role-based client used by administrators, managers, creative professionals, and other internal or external content contributors and content consumers. This smart client functions across your LAN, or through a VPN, so you can access the system from anywhere in the world. And best of all, the QPS Connect Client works out-;of-the-box with all applications that run on Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows Vista® Business and Ultimate.

  • For administrators:
    The QPS Connect Client allows administrators to set up, configure, and monitor the system (locally or remotely) – mapping the details of their workgroup's creative environment into QPS, such as type of projects, user privileges, workflows, and rules for versioning and automated routing.
  • For managers:
    The QPS Client enables managers to stay on top of it all, make assignments, monitor and adjust user workloads, and track and manage the workgroup's projects and publications throughout the production cycle.
  • Für all users:
    The QPS Client extends the features and benefits of QPS to every user, regardless of their geographic location, platform preference (Mac®/Windows), or application selection. Users are able to manage, track, and monitor their assignments and projects - quickly locating what they need when they need it.

QPS Web Hub
Lets users write, edit and copyfit text, receive and track assignments, search for files, and monitor their projects using a Web browser. There's absolutely nothing to install – if you can access the internet, you can write and edit!

QPS Script Manager-Client
Allows users to create and manage scripts, enabling server-side automation via JavaScript™ and Groovy scripting languages.

A powerful text and picture editing application that delivers advanced editorial capabilities to QPS. In addition to providing precise copyfit information, access to style sheets, notes, and redlining, it allows users to load pictures and crop, scale, rotate, and flip them. Easy-to-handle tools allow adjusting of brightness and contrast as well as the application of filters like blur, mask, and despeckle. Various viewing modes — Full Screen, Galley, WYSIWYG and the new “Split Screen” feature — allow users to view multiple modes simultaneously.

Output Enhancements XTensions:
Client–side automated batch processing. Simplify the printing and export of QuarkXPress layouts and QuarkCopyDesk files individually or as a batch process to Printers and Imagesetters, Export to PDF, or Export to XML. Create, save and group Output Profiles for batch processing. Execute them manually, schedule them, or link them to statuses within your QPS workflow to enable complete unmanned output automation — eliminating costly errors and saving valuable time.

Used to design layouts managed by the QPS Server, QuarkXPress seamlessly integrates with QPS, giving users direct access to the core functions of QPS from within QuarkXPress such as searching, assigning, monitoring, and tracking the status of page elements, projects, or publications throughout the production process. Together with QuarkCopyDesk, this powerful duo addresses even the most demanding editorial and creative workflows.

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