How QPS works- a general example

The freedom to work the way you want

QPS® provides tools that let teams of writers, designers, editors, and other contributors to creative and editorial workflows integrate their tasks and produce content for publication across mixed media.

QPS is extremly flexibel concerning the in use Desktop Publishing Software, because it works with QuarkXPress® with QuarkCopyDesk® and Adobe® InDesign® with InCopy® in one system!

QPS palette with projects, layouts, articles and components. There are Quark documents as well as Adobe documents integrated

An ideal publishing workflow looks like a linear progression from start to finish. But in reality, the process often requires changes, and QPS accommodates these changes.

Consult the downloadable PDF " Understanding How QPS Works" for a general example of how QPS works in practice. You'll learn the basics about:

  • Administering a QPS workflow
  • Assigning and managing assets from QuarkXPress®
  • Routing and tracking
  • Output and archiving

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