The QPS® Server is the central component of QPS. Its core function of managing and tracking workflows incorporates the following technologies:

Service-oriented-architecture (SOA):
SOA-based systems are divided into independent components that communicate via clearly defined protocols. This independence makes it possible to make changes in one part of the system without affecting another. This results in a more stable, scalable system that's easy to upgrade and simple to expand. Partners and customers can add functionality as business needs arise.

Spring Framework JavaT/J2EET:
An open source application framework for the Java™ platform, it is used to blend components into a single coherent system. Components can easily be changed without impacting the system as a whole. When it comes to QPS, the Spring Framework allows updates for a single part of the system — Server, Client, or Module.

An object-oriented, high-level programming language, Java programs easily port to any computer. The QPS Server is 100% pure Java which allows it to be hardware and operating system independent. The Java based QPS Server is also compatible with industry-standard SQL databases. Java allows for flexible deployment, giving customers multiple options when selecting their hardware infrastructure.

Java RMI, Web services:
Web services support machine-to-machine interactions over a network, such as the Internet, and execute on a remote system hosting the services. As a by-product of the Java Spring Framework, QPS offers additional integration possibilities. Web Services and Java RMI are used to connect QPS 7 to other applications and systems. QPS has an embedded Web Server – Apache® TomcatT – that provides an environment for Java code to run in cooperation with a Web server. This provides numerous connectivity and integration points. In fact, QPS can be deployed as the central 'publishing workflow' building block within larger business ecosystems such as enterprise-class editorial systems.

QuarkXPress Server:
QuarkXPress® Server is a flexible technology that gives system integrators, developers, and customers the ability to harness the creative power of QuarkXPress: rapid development of automated publishing applications and solutions for Web-to-print, variable data publishing (VDP), ad building, on-demand PDF generation, personalization and one-to-one marketing.

Server-side scripting:
As a by-product of using the Spring Framework and SOA, the QPS Script Manager Client now provides for Server Side Automation. This comes in many flavors, the simplest of which is the ability to write simple JavaScript™ scripts that automate workflows on the server. All features available on the clients are available as script actions, and QPS Server Events can also trigger a script.

Quark has certified QPS Server on Mac OS® X, Mac OS X Server, and Windows® 2003 Server only. QPS Server is compliant with any SQL database and is certified with HSQL, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle 10g.

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