Content Management

Enterprise-wide content management encourages cross-departmental collaboration and reduces redundancies by storing assets in a single repository.

Quark Publishing Platform integrates with several third-party content management systems (CMS), such as Microsoft SharePoint and IBM FileNet Content Manager, as well as out-of-the-box Web Content Management Systems (WCMS), such as Drupalâ„¢ Web Content Management System

Learn about Content Management from the perspective of:

Businesses / Enterprises

Integrating with third-party software tools, such as Microsoft SharePoint and IBM FileNet Content Manager, allows businesses to get the most out of existing content management systems by creating a single workflow for all multi-channel content delivery.

  • Minimises the number of software vendors to streamline cross-organisation workflows

  • Eliminates unnecessary overhead costs and expenses

  • Reduces time spent switching between multiple systems for both IT and users which increases the team's productivity

Content Creators

Quark Publishing Platform gives content creators across your organisation one place to store, access, edit, and review their content, reducing the amount of time spent searching and eliminating version control errors.

  • Increases document integrity

  • Speeds finding the latest version and file location

  • Allows cross-organisational access to content


Quark Publishing Platform allows designers to better manage their projects with a single repository for all assets, making documents easier to find and providing remote teams access to the most current versions.

  • Maintains brand integrity with a single repository for creative elements

  • Eliminates redundancies created from emailing the same document several times

  • Leaves more time for creativity

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