COPAN makes the planning and placement of Ad´s very easy! In the order administration the disponent gets all important information concerning the order.

The disponent can set all necessary placinginformation of a single ad on the index cart "placement".

By pushing the magenta button, the disponent gets the digital blattspiegel. It shows a visuallized overview of the ad´s that are still placed. All ad´s of the adlist can be set via drag & drop on the digital blattspiegel. If an ad is placed it is marked as "is on page" on the order administration dialogue.

If there is no digital blattspiegel for this edition/issue prepared, the disponent can create a new one very easy.

If all ad´s are placed and the edition/issue is ready planed, COPAN can start with the imposition

Therefore you have different possibilities:

On the one hand COPAN is integrated over an interface into the page planning & imposition software Classwizard

Furthermore the XTension ex Ad2PlanPro can do the planing & imposition of an edition directly in QuarkXPress.

Over the the open interfaces, COPAN is integratable on every planning and imposition software, e.g.  Journal Designer.

The choosen planning and pagination system is shown in the following dialogue. In this case it is ex Ad2Plan:

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