Planning and makeup tool that delivers speed, efficiency and high quality

ClassWizard is fast and efficient
It´s an independent planning and makeup system for fast, efficient newspaper and magazine print production. From the parts page to the collective to the insert – writing and advertising pages in various formats and for various products can be processed separately or together. Even large numbers of advertisements can be made up at high speed.

ClassWizard saves money

With ClassWizard you cut costs. ClassWizard simplifies and automates work processes, reduces redundancies in the production process and enables a fast return on investment. With ClassWizard you can react with more flexibility and set your advertising prices more freely.

ClassWizard is flexible

ClassWizard can be seamlessly incorporated into existing system landscapes. By interfacing existing writing, layout and montage tools you can ensure that your previous IT investments continue to pay off. ClassWizard works in every country and across many different platforms. It can be integrated into Linux, Windows, Sun, IBM and Mac OS X. Content can thus be transferred across barriers without losses.

ClassWizard is user-friendly

ClassWizard has been designed for maximum user-friendliness. The system promotes intuitive processes by allowing the user to carry out makeup in different ways – by short cuts, dialogue fields or menu commands.
ClassWizard overview:

  • is platform neutral. The program`s Java base allows it to be used with all standard operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • works with the XML data format and can thus communicate with any number of applications that use XML regardless where in the world you are working.
  • uses a complete PDF workflow. Advertisements, headings and fillers are added to the page using an individualized PDF engine, without workarounds or postscripts.
  • creates headers, headings, footers or tables of contents during makeup or planning for individual pages as well as for the entire section in PDF format using xml2pdf technology.
  • reduces data masses by using uniform formats, and thus also minimizes IT costs.
  • handles the makeup of rubricated small ads, of pre-designed as well as page determining advertisements, of page headers and pagination, of dates, footers with page information or self-advertising, of automated section headers, fillers and of lines under advertisements.

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