Journal Designer

Efficient software for laying out issues of magazines and newspapers.

Journal Designer saves a lot of time in the adjustment process between editorial and advertising and introduces modern flexibility to issue planning. Fulfilment of placement  requirements of ads are monitored constantly.
Magazine structure is graphically displayed with images for all pages, also in the Browser. The status of all editorial components like layouts, articles and ads is visible at all times.

Journal Designer features cross-platform capability based on Java technology in Three-tier-architecture for various operating and database systems.Integration to QuarkXPress and QPS is available for various versions of these software solutions.



The flatplan is the main work tool. It contains the magazine layout with all
headings, ads and articles. A tool bar with self-explanatory symbols enables
convenient editing of the structure. JournalDesigner examines the magazine
structure and issues a warning in the event of wrongly positioned stickers, ad
bleed ads, incorrect coupon placements, etc.

Ad importing and positioning

With this module, ad orders at hand can be imported from the ad system via
an interface and positioned on the appropriate page. Ads are positioned automatically according to the customer’s specifications. Formats, colors, target
pages, competitor exclusions are evaluated and best possible provision made
for them.

Page layout

All kinds of layouts are supported: full page, part page, polygons and classifieds. There is no need to setup all possibilities. Just the definition of layouts will do, with the JournalDesigner you can arrange all ads the way you like.

Positioning of layouts & ads

Layouts and ads are positioned either by the drag & drop method or by using
a combination of mouse, keyboard and menu. If items cannot be positioned as
desired, JournalDesigner issues an error message. Items can be shifted, duplicated or deleted at any time. Space can be reserved for proposed layouts and ads.

Split ads, inserts

If requested by a customer, ads can be assigned to certain subsets of the circulation, e.g. as defined by circulation areas. Inserts can also be restricted to a partial run and paginated in a number of ways.

Flexible desktop

For clarity the desktop can be set up individually for each user. Colors for all
elements, personal views for palettes and a huge number of options allow the
appearance of the JournalDesigner to be adapted for nearly all demands.

Imposition schemes

The imposition schemes are organized according to the page count of the publication. Different imposition schemes can be defined for each page content.


Commercial ad systems:
IS-MAM (SAP AG), VerlagsManager (muellerPrange), Cover (Intermedia)

Layout systems:
Adobe InDesign™ and Quark XPress™

Editorial systems:
K4™ (vjoon), SCE™ (WoodWing), QPS™ (Quark)
SaxoPress (SaxoTech).

JournalProducer, JournalBrowser
Further interfaces available on request.

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