System Requirements


Copan works  on Oracle Version 8 or higher (we recommend the most recent version 11). Other Database implementations available on request. The database can either work on a dedicated  database server or together with the server software on a Windows Server / Terminal Server.


COPAN needs a small Windows application for maintenace and license management. This application can run on any PC in the background.

For performance reasons the COPAN-clients communicate directly with the database.

Client software

The COPAN client works on all 32-bit Windowsversions (Windows 2000 and higher). With Citrix Metaframe or RDP also other operating systems (e.g. Mac OS X) can be integrated. In this case a Windows terminalserver is required. With Metaframe the COPAN Client can also run in a browser - an interesting feature for home offices.


The hardware requirements depend on miscellaneous factors and needs.
The customer himself decides about what he/she needs. But with our long term experience we will assist as good as possible.

Some basic informations:

For a configuration with a few users we recommend Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 server running on PCs of the current generation with at least 4 GB RAM. With additional RAM and CPUs the number of users can be raised up to approx. 50 users.
For more users UNIX/LINUX-machines with at least 16 GB RAM are the ideal solution.

As a client-machine all standard PCs (min 1024 MB RAM - better 2048 MB and more) of the actual generation can be used.

For ad production PCs or Macs of the actual generation with layout software installed are possible. We recommend to use the efficient integration of QuarkXPress to COPAN.


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