ex Ad2PlanPro

Link to ad booking systems (e.g. COPAN) to generate automatic ad makeup

ex Ad2PlanPro is the interface between a commercial ad system
(ad management /sales) and pagination system. ex Ad2PlanPro enables planning and pagination direct in QuarkXPress. A planning document will be created with the number of pages and placeholder for ads. The documents can based on XPress templates with master pages.
Together with the XTension ex Pagina column titles are updated and enriched with content. Ad information of all types can be linked, i.e.:

  • height
  • width (number of columns)
  • color(s)
  • ad number or job (obvious ID)
  • customer name
  • placement requirements

These files can be imported from an ASCII file (system neutral) or directly from the ad system. A bidirectional interface already exists in some systems (e.g. COPAN). Information about ad placement and status is returned to system. For each ad a placeholder will be created which contains indication of size, page, section, colour and placement. The name of the ad with its suffix (e.g. .eps) is linked with the placeholder. In collaboration with the XTension
ex AutoImport the ads can be imported or updated automatically.


A placeholder will be created for each ad with information about exact size, correct page concerning the ressort, colour and placingrule. The name of the ad and path (if known) are added to the placeholder for updating and importing ads automatically. ex Ad2PlanPro also enables definition of planning rules and respects important parameters for creating a publication (e.g. licensed number of ads, colours, booking, position regulation). All parameters which are necessary for pagination are processed.

Parameter like coloredness and how much ads can be placed on the page can be defined as a planning rule "Master" and used for a new issue. This saves time and money.  In any case the result will be a QuarkXPress-document as a dummy in which all ads are consider. After automatically splitting in single QuarkXPress pages with ex Plan2Page the pagination with QuarkXPress or Quark PublishingSystem can be made respectively filled with the editorial part.

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