Honorarsystem (Royalty System)

Royalty and cost capturing in newspaper and magzine business

The product "Honorarsystem" (Royalty System) enables the capture of royalties and costs of publications like newspapers and magazines. It is  realized as web-application based on the apache http-server and PHP. It is compatible with all current database systems e.g. Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, etc.

There are different workflowsolutions available for the automated creation of royalty list´s . Find the workflow charts here.


Master data:

Honorarsystem uses different databases for the royalty and cost capturing.
All relevant and already collected master data from the corresponding company databases will be read out over interfaces . These are for example:

  • Master data of creditors/ royalty receipients
  • Publications-/ document data
  • Document data
  • Deposit target costs
  • etc.

As a matter of course you can also enter the relevant data directly into the application, if they are not yet deposit in the company database.

Receipt accounting:

If a receipt has to be captured, above standing master data will be allocated automatically to the following data:

  • Royalties
  • Additional charges
  • Travel expenses
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Advance payments
  • Advance
  • other costs

All captured data can be outputed as reports in different forms e.g. PDF and formats e.g. Excell, CSV or can be transfered over interfaces to other systems e.g. to the accounting system.


In combination with the XTensions ex ContentBrowser, ex PictSizeAlert, ex ProductionTracker , ex AutoJob, ex AssetReport, ex DataLookUp and ex Wire, different workflowsolutions can combined to enable automated project- and publication specific calculations and cost accounts.

The solution focus is based on the automated allocation of the contentsuppliers (royality receipients) to the used content for a publication. The system creates royality fee lists based on the corresponding master data of content (e.g. pictureprice) and content supplier (e.g. association number in the administration system). 

All data whether seperated or commulated can be printed out as reports or can be transfered via data export to the accounting department, where the payment of the royality fee can be transacted.

You will find some graphical examples of the different workflow scenarios here.

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