ex PictSizeAlert

Control of the picureframe size in ratio to the whole site size in an InDesign document

Pictures are usually bonded with royality fees. The amount of this fees often depend on the real picture size placed on a site. Therefore a site is divided in different sections. These sections are the basis for the price calculation. Normally it is 1/1 page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page, 1/8 page. If a picture is insignificant bigger then one of these thresholds the royalty is charged for the price of the next higher section.

ex PictSizeAlert can avoid these costs! Therefore it checks the pictureframe size concerning the ratio to the whole site size in an InDesign document. If the size differs from the predefined threshold ex PictSizeAlert informs the user with a green palette if the picture is smaller then the threshold, with a red palette if the picture is bigger then the threshold.

How it works:

If a picture is placed into a picture frame in an InDesign document, ex PictSizeAlert controls the ratio of the picture framesize to the whole document.

If the predefined optimum size of a pictureframe is exceeded or undercut (e.g 90 % to 102% of 1/8 of the whole size), ex PictSizeAlert sets a coloured frame around the checked pictureframe. A red frame is set if the picture size is bigger then the predefined threshold, a green frame is set if the picture is smaller or equal with the predefined threshold. Adittional to both frames an extra window appears, coloured in green or red, with information about the sizeratio of the pictureframe to the whole site.

If a pictureframe is to big and it is scalled down to a value beneath the predefined threshold, the framecolour and the colour of the extra window changes from red to green.

All pictureframes wich are smaller then the predefined maximum size will not be checked.

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