Universal Type Server is the only true client/server font management solution to deliver secure and dynamic directory services integration, ease of administration, increased scalability and control of font licensing compliance.

Directory Services Integration

  • NEW An industry first and optional module to allow administrators to fully integrate with Microsoft's Active Directory and Apple's Open Directory
  • NEW “single sign-on” functionality with added support for Kerberos secure network authentication
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External Database Module

  • NEW Optional module to harness the power of an independent Microsoft SQL Server
  • Powerful and scalable like no other font server
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Centralized & Collaborative System

  • Central font management location for corporate font libraries
  • Collaborative system ideal for workgroups sharing fonts
  • Live font management system where changes happen in real time to speed up workflow
  • Fonts and font metadata exist on the server to ensure consistency across the team Changes made by authorized users are automatically shared

True Font License Compliance

  • Control which fonts are available and to which users
  • Limit users' permissions to add, delete and/or collect fonts for output
  • NEW Analyze and report on font license compliance for all users
  • NEW Prevent users from installing unlicensed fonts on their systems
  • NEW Prevent font conflicts by automatically and permanently activating sets of fonts for users
  • Limit who can add fonts to a personal “sandbox” to experiment with fonts before they enter the workflow
  • Restrict fonts on user machines by using the “on-demand” mode, where fonts are only downloaded when needed and then removed

Ensure Font Consistency

  • NEW Streamline your workflow by automatically activating fonts for users
  • ENHANCED Create a custom font management environment with granular permissions to meet the requirements of diverse users
  • ENHANCED Check fonts for corruption and repair before adding them to the font server
  • ENHANCED Auto-activate fonts in Adobe InDesign® and Illustrator® CS2, CS3 and CS4 and QuarkXPress® 7 and 8 documents for Mac and Window users
  • Activate the exact fonts needed, utilizing Font Sense™ font identification mechanism and eliminate font substitutions
  • Create a conflict-free environment with a single font data source

IT Functionality

  • NEW Directory Integration Module (optional add-on):  Full synchronization of users and workgroups with Microsoft’s Active Directory and Apple’s Open Directory with added support for Kerberos secure network authentication.
  • NEW External Database Module (optional add-on): Increase scalability, heavy-load performance and management options
  • NEW Simplified, one-time-setup management of users and workgroups
  • NEW Managed deployment and user consistency
  • Simple serialization; one serial number entered at the server level unlocks functionality of the server and number of client connections
  • Low network overhead: efficient server distributes only the incremental changes happening in the database.
  • ENHANCED Updated client and database architecture optimizes server transactions to ensure optimum user experience even under heavy load
  • ENHANCED Cross-platform backup and restore even between platforms and database engines
  • ENHANCED Architecture built on a progressive JBoss-based J2EE for high performance and stability
  • Fully supports cross-platform (Mac/Win) teams for both server and clients
  • Manage the font server and users remotely with a secure web-based interface
  • Outstanding flexibility with granular user and group permissions
  • Command line tools for server administration

End-User Support & Usability

  • NEW Amazing font and glyph previews
  • NEW Floating font previews that “tear-off” and float on top of any document
  • NEW Encoding-aware font previews shows all native characters in a particular font face
  • NEW Glyph View lets you see all characters supported by a selected font
  • NEW Create print sample pages of any previewed font
  • NEW Streamlined access with “remember me” functionality
  • ENHANCED Precise font auto-activation in Adobe InDesign® and Illustrator® CS2, CS3 and CS4 and QuarkXPress® 7 and 8 documents for Mac and Windows users
  • Work uninterrupted whether online or offline
  • Use Personal Workgroups as a “sandbox” to experiment with fonts before entering the workflow
  • Professional auto activation with Font Sense™ exact font matching technology
  • Smart sets, saved finds that automatically update when new fonts match the specific criteria

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