Directory Services Integration Module

Streamline your Universal Type Server security administration with Active Directory and Open Directory integration. This optional component (offered at no additional cost for a limited time) offers an effective mechanism to leverage your directory services organization by delivering full and automatic synchronization of users and workgroups. Simplify your user permissions by managing them from within your directory service.

  • Integration via Microsoft’s Active Directory and Apple’s Open Directory
  • Automatic role assignment for font management users
  • Full support for Kerberos network authentication and “single sign-on” functionality for both Mac and Windows users
  • Direct mapping of users, distribution groups and organizational units to Type Server workgroups

External Database Module

The optional External Database Module offers greater scalability and increased performance designed to meet the need of large corporations and demanding environments. The only truly scalable font server offers the freedom to harness the power of an independent database and allows administrators to distribute server load across hardware resources. This module also gives Type Server a performance boost, especially under heavy load, and it provides administrators with additional management options inherent when administering a separate SQL Server

  • Optional and chargeable component to Universal Type Server Professional
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP3 or Server 2008 (Workgroup, Standard or Enterprise editions)

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