Universal Type Server 3 Pro

Professional font management for departments of any size

Universal Type Server™ Professional is a brand new approach to corporate font management for departments of any size (Font management for departments up to 10 user Universal Type Server 2 Lite)

With a powerful, modern server and elegant intuitive clients, Universal Type Server caters to all users. It’s everything font management software should be: stable, fast, scalable, flexible, and secure.

Powerful, Scalable Font Server

Universal Type Server is built on industry-standard and proven open-source technologies. This java-based architecture is inherently cross-platform and able to handle thousands of users and tens of thousands of fonts- with high-performance under heavy load. Nothing is faster.



Superior Active Directory Integration

First-ever: Secure, dynamic Active and Open Directory integration enables simple, automated user management. Mac and Windows users benefit from full "single sign-on" functionality with added support for Kerberos secure network authentication.

Uninterrupted Font Management Access

Users always have access to their fonts- whether in the office, working remotely, or working offline. Even if not connected, users have full access to their font database. No matter where the user is located, fonts in shared documents display correctly and print accurately.

Font Compliance Assurance

Built-in license reporting shows who has access to a font. Administrator has full control overfont compliance, such as deleting an unlicensed font from a user's server-based sets.

Enterprise Scalability

Sophisticated architecture delivers on font and data requests with unparalleled speed. Administrators in demanding corporate environments can now tap into the power of their external SQL Server database with the optional External Database Module for increased scalability and management options.

Corruption Screening & Font Repair

Universal Type Server scans every font before adding it to the server, ensuring only ‘clean’ fonts enter your workflow. Corrupt fonts will be automatically repaired by the system and then added into the database.

Simple Deployment

Administrators distribute client software, serialize the server, serialize client connections and assign user permissions all from a central location. Pre-populate server connection settings as well as specify client database and vault locations for managed deployment and consistency.

Smart Synchronization

The most efficient server: client and server only deliver incremental updates, optimizing server transactions and minimizing network chatter. Automated server backups and client updates happen in the background without user interruption.

Spectacular Client Usability

Universal Type Client delivers the most robust, intuitive user experience. We have coupled the best font previews in the business, with the fastest activation and award-winning functionality of our desktop products. You get efficient, happy font users- and no helpdesk calls.

Precise, Fast Font Activation

The fastest auto-activation in the business. Every font is uniquely 'fingerprinted' by the server using our patented Font Sense™ technology, guaranteeing the exact font is activated for the user.

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