Universal Type Server Lite

Professionell Font management for teams up to 10 members

Universal Type Server™ Lite font management software delivers powerful, centralized font management for teams of 10 or less. No more settling. Now, you have a powerful small team solution that automatically delivers fonts to your team members when they need them and ensures consistency.

Font management for teams with more then 10 users Universal Type Server Pro

Centralized & Collaborative System

Centrally manage your font libraries, users and permissions so everyone is using the same fonts. Using one single warehouse of data—everyone shares the same font keywords, classifications, etc. Server changes are visible in real-time—without interruption. And with its license management controls you will know if have too many or too few licenses of a font based on font access reports.

Font Usage Consistency

Create a conflict-free environment with a single font data source. Control which fonts are available and to whom and prevent unlicensed or rogue fonts from entering your teams workflow. Powerful font integrity checking will locate and correct font corruption problems before distributing them across to the team. With precise font auto-activation with Adobe® and Quark® applications the exact version of fonts will be activated.

Designed With Designers in Mind

Rediscover typography with a modern user interface requires little-to-no ramp time. Interactive font and glyph previews allow for exploring all the fonts in your library and all the glyphs available within each. Exact font matching and auto-activation prevents font replacement errors automatically as it all runs as a background application for seamless font activation

Easy to Use

Easy to use—even for “not-so-technical” types—with a simple, 2-click user set-up. Progressive server technology fits into any IT hardware environment. Server and clients fully support cross-platform teams. The Server can be managed remotely from anywhere using a web browser. No-hassle, built-in backups automatically protect your fonts and settings.

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