ex XML Exporter4QPS

Export of productionpagecontent (including pictures and meta data) out of the editorial system Quark Publishing System (QPS) into XML-Format

ex XML Exporter4QPS allows converting of QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk productionpage articelcontent into structured XML-files. In this fileformat it is possible to illustrate the content of the print productionpage  in different digital output channels like internet, iPad, iPhone, ePaper, etc. It is possible to automate this workflow by using the XTension ex AutoJob.

The version for Adobe InDesign CS5 and CS4 is planned. The XTension runs only in connection with QPS. The export of productionpagecontent directly out of QuarkXPress without running QPS does only work with our XTension ex XML Exporter.

The ground settings of the XTension have to be set in the preferences of the XTension ex XML Exporter4QPS. It is possible to set different configuration sets for each publication wich includes different settings for the XML export. The necessary definitions for these settings will be configured in the following 3 tabs:

This XTension is part of the exportsolution "Print2iPad" for the automated and structured export of your printcontent to digital output channels like iPad, etc.

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