ex AutoJob

Automate workflows in Quark Publishing System

ex AutoJob is a QuarkXPress XTension for QPS™/Quark Content Manager (QCM), which allows the building of publication specific "Jobs" containing output processes based on QPS header fields.

The processes in a job are triggered by attributes like "status" or "section" or "routed to" (among many others), and ex AutoJob is able to check out files, process them and check them in again. ex AutoJob cooperates with other XTs like ex EPS Creator, ex Gateway to QDMS, etc. and checks the QPS server for publishing objects which meet the conditions set up in the "AutoJob":

A dedicated computer with QuarkXPress respectively QuarkCopyDesk and a QPS (or QCM)-connection will be needed. With the header data respectively attributes in QPS or QCM starting conditions will be defined. As soon as the conditions are fulfilled, the document will be checked out, the predefined job will be worked through and closed again.

All jobs are defined in dependence to a publication and can be gathered to groups.

The system can be configured for an automated restart into the control mode after an electric power outage.


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