ex Identifier

Assignment of images to QPS articles

ex Identifier XTension enables the assignment of images to QPS articles. Additionally, in conjuntion with other extensions like ex Gateway for QDMS or ex Archive, the functionality of QPS and QDMS can be expanded.

For using ex Identifier to assign images to articles, there have to be existing articles, that have been previously checked in to QPS. The following example lays out the steps for assigning an image to an article.

  • Check-out the QPS layout containing the article to which you would like to assign an image.
  • Create the Picture box, if it is not already present (Some libraries contain a picture box place-holder already, and those can be used as well).
  • Locate your image and import it into the picture box, using the “File –> Get Picture” (cmd - e) command from the QuarkXPress menu bar.
  • Using the “View –> Show Identifier” command from the QuarkXPress menubar, open the Identifier palette.

Note that everything is greyed out until you have activated an element on the QPS layout. The picture information will appear when the picture is clicked, however, because the picture has not yet been assigned to an article, the ­“Article” information is empty and the Assign button is active.



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