Presentation and support as we are on site!

By the help of the TeamViewer software it is possible for you to join a productpresentation or productsupport directly on your workstation. Everything you need is an internet connection, a browser and a telephone.

The TeamViewer mirrors  our active desktop surface in realtime on your screen. So you can lay back and relax in your desk chair while one of our colleagues presents you a "On Screen" presentation of our products.

As a matter of course TeamViewer works bidirectional, i.e. you can mirror your active desktop on our screen too. This is very helpfull for the productsupport, because, without long explanations and descriptions on phone, you can present our colleagues "On Screen",  where your problems are. 

Furthermore TeamViewer enables our colleagues to access directly to your computer via remote controll- as a matter of fact your acceptance preconditioned, to solve the problems directly on your computer.

This is the way how TeamViewer works:

  1. Click on the TeamViewer QuickSupport Version in the right box, related to your operating system.

  2. Depending on your browsersettings you can save the TeamViewer QuickSupport version or you can run it directly. For both possibilities no administrator rights are necessary.

  3. If you have choosen "Save" please start the TeamViewer QuickSupport after download. If you have choosen "Run" TeamViewer QuickSupport will run automatically for one session.

  4. After the start you have to tell our colleague the shown "Partner ID" and the "Password" on phone. 

  5. After our colleague has entered the transmitted data the session will be started.

  6. The session is fully encrypted and secure (read more)