ex MediaLink

This XTension allows the connection of multimedia content (Video, Audio, URl, Blog, etc.) directly with articles in the QuarkXPress printlayout. The connected links will be presented on the article presentation on digital output channels, e.g iPad

This multimedia links can be devided in different categories:

  • Hyperlink-faces (ImageMaps)
  • Hyperlinks and ancors (Reference to an object or text)
  • Interactive elements/animations
  • Articel connections ("Online-Boxes")

ex MediaLink allows the connection of print- and digital media output in the printproduction. With other words: An iPad application can be "feeded" fully automated with the enriched content of the print layout.

Working this way no IT specialists are needed to create version of a printedition. Everything can be done and checked by editorial team members in the productionpage layout.

This XTension is part of the exportsolution "Print2iPad" for the automated and structured export of printcontent for the presentation on digital output channels like iPad, etc.

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