Requirement for activate Markzware products

Please note that you need an Internet access in order to install install/ activate all Markzware products. There is no other way to activate one of their products.

The Internet access via a Proxy server is possible - but it does not work with a Proxy-Authentication or if the configuration has been done with a .PAC file!

Please ensure - specially for Multi User Lisences - that each machine you want to install the software needs Internet access.

In generel you can switch a license to another machine. Therefore you first have to deactivate the license, so that you can activate it on the new machine. This procedure also works via Internet.


Message: "This XTension is not compatibel with this version of XPress."

Possible causes:

The version of a XTension does not match the QXP version (for example, a QXP 6 XTension does not run with QXP 7).

Solution: Check the version number an load the correct version of the XTension.

Is the current processor type supported? A PPC-Version does not run on INTEL.

Solution: Switch QXP to Rosetta mode and start QuarkXPress again. If the XTension still does not load, contact the distributor or producer. 

What does XTension mean?

XTensions are add-on applications, which, once started, can expand the functionality of QuarkXPress with several features.

How do I activate/deactivate XTensions?

The Xtension, which has to be installed, will be pasted by drag & drop in the folder "XTensions" within the QuarkXPress application folder or, when an installer is included, you have to start this and install the XTension and additional files into matching folders.

To deactivate unnecessary XTensions they can simply be dropped into the folder "XTensions Disabled". QuarkXPress has to be restarted, whenever changes are made on the XTension's folder.

Where do I find the XTensions already loaded on my volume?

Start QuarkXPress, then choose Utilities->XTensionManager. Here you see all XTensions loaded.

How do I find the version number of my installed XTension?

Mac OS

  • Highlight the symbol of the XTension software in the Finder.
  • Push Cmd+I (information)or choose the "Information" menu under "File"


  • Click with the right mouse button on the symbol of the XTension and choose "Attributes" from the contextual menu.
  • Click on the register "version" and find the version number.
Why does the installation of XTensions switch QuarkXPress into "demo mode"?

Demo versions from XTensions may cause the complete switch of QuarkXPress application to demo mode, as soon as they are loaded. QuarkXPress does not allow saving documents or creating a library and printing is possible only in a restricted mode. When QuarkXPress is started with XTensions in demo mode you get a warning message.

We advice you to load only one or few XTensions in demo mode. Try out the new functions to get to know if you want to buy a full version of the XTension. If you find a conflict between the demo XTensions, ask the producer, if full versions also cause such conflicts.

Please consider not to open necessary documents whil working in demo mode! Documents that can be saved in the QuarkXPress demo mode, can not be opened with the full version of QXP.

Message: “[102] This document cannot be opened, because the pasteboard XTension is not available”

If you attempt to open a QuarkXPress™ document and the following alert message displays: “[102] This document can't be opened because the "Pasteboard" QuarkXTensions is not present”, third-party software is required to resolve the problem.

The Pasteboard XTensions module is third-party XTensions software created by the software development company Markzware. Its purpose is to expand the vertical size of the QuarkXPress pasteboard, allowing more space around the top and bottom of each document page.

Unfortunately, the first version of the XTensions software had a problem: when a document was opened while the Pasteboard XT was running, the Pasteboard XTensions module “attached” itself to that document, so the Pasteboard XT had to be running whenever the document was opened again.

This creates a particular problem in cross-platform environments, because the Pasteboard XTensions module is only available for the Mac OS version of QuarkXPress.

With the XTension KillPasteBoard you can open the document without loading Pasteboard XT. When saving the document the Pasteboard information will be removed. KillPasteBoard XTension is freeware.

Is it true, that XPertTools for 7.1 is available free of charge?

Yes! Quark XPertTools Pro - compatible with QuarkXPress 7.1 and higher is now available free of charge - download at the QuarkXPress site!

Sometimes I cannot choose the Export of ex TranslationFilter (option is grey)?

To choose the export function of ex TranslationFilter in QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign, the document have to be saved.
Also if you e.g. open an CS4 document in CS5  (in the document title you see "converted" in the name). In these cases the export feature is greyed out. Save the document and this option is activ and you can export.

The same is necessary for templates and for documents which are open / converted by ID2Q or Q2ID from Markzware.

Where do I find the FontFace XT against incorrect replacements of font styles?

FontFace XTension® for QuarkXPress and QuarkXPress Passport 6.1 und 6.11 (Mac OS)
To avoid incorrect replacement of font styles in Quark XPress and QuarkXPress Passport under Mac OS. (A font style is a variation within a font familie - for example, the Minion type familiy includes font styles like Minion Bold, Minion Italic and Minion Bold Italic.) The incorrect replacement may occur without notification of the user, when a font style in a suitcase is deactivated. Download here: FontFace XTension®

Does there exist any XTension to import or write arabic text in QuarkXPress?

Yes, ArabicXT allows the typing of arabic text, the text direction is changed to "right to left". With ArabicXT arabic and latin text can be handled equally.

Information and downloads of demo and software you can find here: Arabic XT.