Export of in QPS checked-in productionsites for the Digital Archiv System (DIGAS)

The XTension exports articles of in QPS checked-in QuarkXPress pages structured into a ASCII file. All contained pictures in an articel will be collected in a defined folder and marked over placeholders in the ASCII file. In this form the exportet content can be imported into the Digital Archive System (DIGAS).


The memory location of the exportdata (ASCII/PDF) must be set in the preferences, before the export. All infromation entered in the definitions or read out of QPS headerfields (Jahrgang, Rubrik, Autor) will appear in the Digas Export File (cp. below screenshot).


Before export all QPS componentnames (layout element) must be allocated to the DIGAS names


If articles should be exported to DIGAS, the XTension asks for the following parameters: Publikation, Ausgabe, Ausgabe-Nr., Jahrgang, and E-Tag. The necessary metadata can be read out of the QPS system as QPS attributes or respectively set as a constant.

Additional to DIGAS export  a PDF can be created of the exported articel.


If all settings are set, the choosen articel will be converted into a ASCII file. Additional contains this file all before entered respectively set (QPS headerfields) information. The content of this ASCII file can now be exported into DIGAS.
Dependent on the before defined QPS componentnames and DIGAS names will be placed all pagecontent/- information structured in the DIGAS database.

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