Effective and efficient administration of your digital data

Canto Cumulus enables organizations of any size to easily organize, find, share, and track digital files of all types. Cumulus is a secure time-tested system that provides authorized users with anywhere access to all their digital assets.


Cumulus 8 User-Interface

Cumulus is a flexible,customizable solution which can be used in a number of ways, such as....

Archive and Retrieval

Catalog all file types with custom fields for easy organization and retrieval. Cumulus can even auto-detect and extract existing metadata! Instant previews and thumbnails make the search process simple.

File Manipulation

Easily convert images to other formats or resolutions on the fly. Create new presentations from existing slides without opening any additional programs or converting documents. Cumulus makes it easy.


Speed revision cycles and improve efficiency with built-in workflow tools. Check-in/check-out ensures a smooth revision process, and edits can be easily noted with text or voice annotations.

Automatic Catalogs

Cumulus makes catalog production a snap. Easily select sets or categories of assets and have instant access to those files in publishing-ready formats. Or, create automatic e-commerce or print-ready catalogs using plug-ins.

Partner Portal

Easily grant your partners self-serve access to all the sales and marketing materials they need. Logos, datasheets, press releases — always available in any format. Permission controls allow you to control who gets what, and when.

File Sharing

Share your files with a specific audience, or the world! Users can access your library through software clients or via the web. A permission based self-serve system allows anyone to get the files they need.

Asset Tracking

Find out which assets are most common among your staff and customers. Discover which search terms fail to return results to improve the quality of your catalog and searches. Save money on license fees for unused assets while avoiding licensing assets twice. With asset usage tracking, you can identify the ROI on each asset, instantly!

The application ex QCM2Cumulus is available in order to transfer QCM assets into a Cumulus catalog (migration).

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