Badia Exportools Professional

Automates the process of saving and exporting content of individual pages into separate files

Exportools Professional is the powerful new version of Exportools that lets you output as single-page files any number of QuarkXPress documents in batch. With its unique naming capabilities and intuitive design, Exportools Professional can generate for you hundreds of EPS, PostScript, PDF, JPEG or Text files in just a matter of seconds.

Exportools Professional supports these output formats: EPS, PostScript,PDF, Text (plain, rich text, WordPerfect or Microsoft Word), JPEG, PICT, GIF, and HTML.

The smart name composition engine allows you to specify variable placeholders, such as page or serial numbers, that change automatically to name each exported file.

To organize the files that belong to each exported document, Exportools Professional has the option to automatically create subfolders with variable names.

Exportools Professional can be configured to open each of the exported files with any application you choose. It also keeps track of the 50 most recent applications.

The interface includes many customization options such as suppression of error messages, outputting as spreads, inclusion of all layouts for all documents, and more.


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