Performs price, picture or text updates in InDesign documents

AutoPrice™ provides sophisticated linking of InDesign documents to any external database of information (either flat-file, or ODBC). AutoPrice is great for performing price, picture, or text updates for any type of information that can be referenced by a “key value” such as product number (SKU).

AutoPrice works by allowing the user to establish “placeholders” within new or existing documents which are linked to a database file. Unlike other software products which require that you link to a specific text or picture box, AutoPrice lets you link to any range of text or any picture box, in a document. This means that you do not have to restructure your layout to accommodate the links, thereby simplifying the design and editing process.
AutoPrice also allows you to automatically style incoming prices in virtually any fashion. And it is simple to spin-off multiple versions of your catalog or document from a single source.


  • Saves time by automatically updating information from any flat-file or ODBC-compliant database. No more manual price changes
  • Allows last-minute revisions so published information is always current & consistent
  • Reduces errors and speeds proofing
  • Allows you to instantly swap out product pictures, logos or any type of graphic image
  • Automate versioning: spin off multiple catalog versions from a single original
  • Use AutoPrice Exporter Pro to extract data from an InDesign document to a database file, which can then be used to populate Web, e-commerce or digital content databases
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