Windows application for barcode creation (MAC Version compare MBC 4)

WBC4 produces barcodes as EPS, JPEG and TIFF files for use in any graphics software.WBC4 is highly accurate and will produce high-quality barcodes how you want them, when you want them. All of the tools are at hand for controlling size, color and special barcode characteristics. You have precise control over bar code quality with our unique bar width adjustment features. 

Creating barcodes with WBC4 is quick and easy. As well as the 200+ barcode types that are included, new formats are added as new standards emerge (e.g ISBN-13 and GS1-Databar, Intelligent Mail and Code 128 Subset A).High quality bar codes that scan first time, every time have always been vital, but there is now an ever-increasing number of bar code styles in use.WBC4 contains all the bar coding features necessary for generating precise, accurate barcodes which always scan.

Check Digit VerificationWBC4 compares your typed check digit to theformula to ensure the code is correct. Other software simply generates a check digit without this self-checking mechanism, which means you can generate the wrong code without warning.

Precise Adjustment for the thickening effect inherent in all imaging devices and for press gain. These adjustments can be made in one micron (0.04 thousandths of an inch) steps for the most precise adjustment of any barcode software. These adjustments can make the difference between a code that scans and disaster!

Key Features

  • Highly accurate barcodes produced to official specifications
  • Hundreds of popular barcode types
  • Barcodes saved as EPS, TIFF, JPEG or Adobe Illustrator
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Precise adjustment for print gain
  • User-definable text labels
  • Save barcodes without the need for fonts
  • Free updates
  • Free quality checking
  • Color support
  • Built-in data checking and check digit verification

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