ex QRCode Pro

ex QRCode Pro is the extended version of ex QRCode, which enables you to create QRCodes directly in QuarkXPress or InDesign - quick and easy.

ex CRCode Pro additional Features:

advanced Daten types:

  • Telefonnumber
  • SMS
  • E-Mail

In the ex QRCode Pro version the insert numbers and adresses can be checked for validity by regular expression.

In this version it is also possible to create the QRCode in your desired color.

Customizing adjustments like e.g. the integration of a logo are also possible in the Pro version.

Working with ex QRCode Pro in QuarkXPress or InDesign is supposable easy!

Open the preferences of ex QRCode Pro XTension and choose your desired Data typ - for instance open a website, a telephon number or an Email-adress. After defining the Fault tolerance, Quiet zone, Color and Storage location of the QR-Codes, you can generate the code directly in a picture box.


There are more Data types available in the ex QRCode PRO version.

The regular Expression to check the URLs and numbers can be defined in the preferences.

With choosing the desired Data type a telephon number, SMS or Email adresse can be insert. This type will be integraded in the QRcode and the Mobile phone (respectivly the used App) starts the corresponding function.

In other words: scan the QRcode and one of the function starts:

  • open the website
  • dial a telephone number
  • prepare an Email and start the mail application and so on...



You also can create vCards with your desired information quick and easy:



In the meantime there are several services to create QRCodes online. Certainly most of this services saves the data, so that the user should expect a lot of advertiser mails, Newsletters and much more.
If you create the QRCodes with a tool, you can be sure that your data will remain in your hands.



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