Management and distribution of digital media

dio:content is a system for the management and distribution of digital media. The database-assisted portal compiles and catalogues all kinds of digital media: images, texts, audio files, video files, data.

But that's not all! dio:content makes content available for processing and further distribution. Multimedia information suppliers can use dio:content to market content and rights of use for text, image, audio and video material via the Internet.

Standardfunctionality of myContent:

The core of dio:content, consisting of our dio:content kernel with the basic technology for Digital Asset Management. The unit structure, permitting the inclusion of all functions set out below, guarantees modular scalability.

Management of Rights
Multi-level user administration enables allocation of both users and data to groups. The users are also allocated freely definable roles (e.g. guest, user, operator, administrator) which determine their rights. The access rights are set through allocation of the users/user groups to the data/data record groups.

Research Tools
Access to the data is made possible by different retrieval mechanisms adapted to the requirements of the user. Complex Boolean search inquiries, word root searches and fuzzy searches, as well as simple searches or Thesaurus searches, are all integral parts of the dio:content SearchServer. The basic scope also includes the storing of search profiles.

Data Management
Use folders or Thesaurus allocations to organize your data in a sensible manner. Different media object types are stored in specific archives to facilitate location finding.
For long-term personal collections of media objects, dio:content offers you folders, which you can also make available to colleagues or customers. Automatic status allocation supports the processing workflow. Status workflows can be set up customer specifically.

News and Offer Editor
Using the News Editor, your editor can create information and messages to the various users of the system and publish these in a time-controlled manner.
Offers are used for the presentation of special contents on the dio:content homepage. The display can be by precise customer group and time-controlled.
In addition, dio:content offers the possibility of filling a homepage which is outside of the dio:content system quickly and comfortably with contents from dio:content – e.g. pictures and previews of offers

Asset Editor
The tool for editing newly imported media objects or those already stored. Efficient features such as lists or Thesauruses and serial recording are available for simple processing.

System Management
myCONTENT offers various functions for analyzing the dataset and the user activities, such as the display of the current users, retrieval and search statistics, and import logs.

Import Functions
dio:content supports the import of the most commonplace media formats in the fields of text, picture, video, and audio. For this, media-specific import modules are added (see description of the optional import modules).
In this respect, the basic dio:content system offers the following functions:
Special import folders enable pre-indexing of the imported data with metadata and can therefore significantly shorten the entry workload. The status of the imports can be checked at any time via the import log.
If possible, previews for presentation on the user interface are created automatically during import. Metadata from IPTC headers or from description files supplied parallel can be incorporated. The standard version already includes import modules for image and .pdf data.

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