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dio:content in picture syndication

dio:content is the leading picture syndication and archive solution. The scope of its functions and ease of use - despite its complexity - make it a favourite with customers. Modular scalability is intrinsic to dio:content. Tailored to the special needs of picture agencies, picture editors and picture archives, even in its standard version dio:content offers all the important functions for the marketing of large and small picture databases in accordance with copyright conventions.
Large and small media databases have been managing and marketing their contents successfully with dio:content for many years. Above all, users appreciate the flexible and powerful rights management and invoicing functions – from customer download to invoicing of rights of use and copyright payments.

Rights management
A multi-level user management function permits both users and data to be assigned to certain groups. Users can be allocated any type of role and this defines their rights explicitly, e.g. guest, operator or administrator. The unrestricted configurability of the assignment of users/user groups to the data/data record groups enables a highly individual organisation of access authorisation rights.

Research tools - dio:content SearchServer
Access to data is through retrieval mechanisms adapted to the needs of users. The dio:content SearchServer performs complex Boolean search operations, word stem searches and proximity searches, but also simple or thesaurus searches. The saving of search profiles belongs to the basic functions of dio:content.

Marketing communications with dio:content

myBRAND is based on dio:content and forms a professional work platform for marketing communications. The principal functionalities include the CI-compatible management of marketing data (images, text, audio and video data) and the central management of their rights of use.

As a common platform for marketing departments, trading partners, importers and their respective agents, dio:content assists in the coordination and production of advertising campaigns, catalogues and CD-ROMs, even Internet presentations. Thanks to the eCommerce functions integral to dio:content, the procurement and distribution of media objects is consistent, secure and efficient.

Marketing departments in various countries can use this platform to exchange information and experience regarding communication measures – and in a second, convenient step exchange high-resolution data for advertising purposes. The time-to-market performance of advertising campaigns can thus be considerably accelerated, e.g. for new product launches.

As dio:content is a UTF8-compatible database, it is capable of handling more than just Latin letters and Arab numerals, and in fact can even cope with, for example, Chinese characters – and can do so on all levels of the application. dio:content exhibits modular scalability and can be implemented as a local installation or as an ASP model.

dio:content as in-house media archive

A central repository for all members of staff

  • marketing brochures
  • press releases
  • in-house text archive
  • picture databases
  • advertisements
  • audio and video files

dio:content thus forms a central repository to which all members of staff have access. Powerful workflow tools - import folder, thesaurus, lists and folders - ensure that the files are quickly labelled and can be readily located again. Role and access rights can be assigned individually. Every member of staff may only view or edit the media that fall within his or her remit.

Edit markers and sequence comparison for videos – for quick checking of video content
Professional cataloguing and management of the material can be handled with dio:content Video Expert. In its full configuration, this module comprises:

  • edit markers
  • image comparison
  • sequence comparison
  • automatic indexing
  • retrieval
  • streaming

Materials edited with dio:content Video Expert can be imported into dio:content - even individual scenes, and of course including the metadata generated beforehand. Content in video form is therefore much easier to identify.

dio:content in the editing workflow

dio:content Rich Client was specially devised for picture editors. It enables images, text and other media to be reviewed, edited and subsequently made available to the editing workflow - quickly and conveniently. The processing of orders for photographers is easily integrated by way of interfaces, for example.

Ideal archive expansion for QUARK QPS and SoftCare K4
Special interfaces to current publishing software vendors optimise the editing workflow, e.g. through the automated transfer of images or advertisements to the working processes.

dio:content therefore simplifies the control and review of the entire production process right up to multi-channel publishing. As part of this process, whole pages and their elements are interlinked and the various data types made available in their own archive areas – including all the media type metadata required for publication.

Real-time provision of published data for further use
Finished productions are automatically archived as individual files (whole pages, images, text, advertisements). These elements of current print production are then available immediately for online marketing or internal researches. Integral automatic cataloguing with picturesafe CATEGORIZER is available for text and articles. This product assigns documents to, for example, the IPTC thesaurus, which represents a powerful tool when performing complex search queries.

dio:content in print prepress or design office

In the print prepress or in design offices, dio:content can be used for more than just the management of diverse media objects. With the help of folders and sensible labelling, the data can be archived in a structured form and made available in a more targeted way.

Simpler control of media objects in production
Teams can use personal folders to collect, for example, the results of research on a specific topic. This input can then be forwarded internally to colleagues for further project work. Alternatively, in a further step it can be made available externally for customer review and approval.

Optimising the workflow between client, agency and print prepress

Communications with partners or customers can benefit from the use of the dio:content Portal, which can provide common or customer-specific content pools, also for third-party access. Such content pools can be hosted externally and, for example, made available by picturesafe. Individual access rights guarantee selective use.

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