LinkUp AutoDoc

LinkUp AutoDoc automates large-scale document production

LinkUP AutoDoc is our most powerful member of the LinkUP family for QuarkXPress. It automates large-scale document production for you. It uses LinkUP’s ability to use database content to produce any type of publication, on demand. Additionally, it allows full control from remote locations, letting everyone get involved in the pre-press stage - submitting their ideas individually and/or from different locations, if required. The document can be created and sent wherever you want it stored– including automatic export to PDF and sending it to your printer, print department or external agency.

How does it do that?

AutoDoc runs macros that automatically perform tasks that have been pre-defined in a specific order. They can be as simple as opening a document, updating all the content and saving it to a specific file location (well, simple for AutoDoc!) or they can be as complex as building from relational databases, using conditional variable template page builds, creating a PDF and sending it to your print agency. However simple the theory, it is hugely powerful in operation, transforming your high throughput or repetitive publishing tasks into simple one-button actions.

It is the ultimate solution for database publishers who produce mind-bending amounts of personalised, data-fed documents.

Who uses it and for what sort of publishing tasks?

It is used by companies providing high quality, personalised ‘on-demand’ publishing. It is also used in collaborative advertising production, holiday brochure production, financial reporting and direct mailing.

Other uses are:

  • Automatic generation of QuarkXPress documents from content management systems (CMS to Quark to output)
  • Delivery of customised magazine, directory or brochure content from websites
  • Remote checking by your clients of your designs – and accepting client changes that automatically update your database
  • These are only examples of what our current clients use AutoDoc for - its use is limited only by your available data and designer's imagination.  
  • Communicate bi-directionally with your database and design documents
  • For high volume applications, load balancing can be achieved using multiple AutoDoc systems working from the same job queue – giving abundant options for control
  • It can perform QuarkXPress functions automatically and file manipulation too – opening, closing and saving documents without manual intervention
  • It can, if Acrobat Distiller is available, create a PDF version of your document to your required location  

AutoDoc requires:

  • Windows NT Server, 2000 Advanced Server or equivalent, Mac OS9 or OSX
  • An ODBC connection to a controlling database, which can be hosted on any ODBC compliant database platform
  • If you require automatic PDF generation, a fully licenced copy of Acrobat Distiller is required
  • QuarkXPress versions 6 or 7 for Mac or PC

The LinkUp product family is available in different versions. A full list of functions is described in the following comparison chart:

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