LinkUp Pricing

Update or import prices and text into QuarkXPress documents

LinkUP Pricing is designer-friendly software that allows you to update or import prices and text into your QuarkXPress documents - no technical database or coding expertise required. This could save you hundreds of hours, headaches and lost profit on a project.

All you need is a QuarkXPress project and a simple data file, exportable from any database. LinkUP Pricing will help you create a neat DBF file (DataBase Format) that LinkUP uses to update your document. No cutting, no pasting, no expensive manual errors.

Mark up your document using LinkUP Pricing and press update. All your prices and text updates at the push of a button.

If you have multiple currency or language versions of the same document, or even different layers within Quark, just connect to your new data and update whenever you need to.

The LinkUp product family is available in different versions. A full list of functions is described in the following comparison chart:

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