Index Manager

The central search engine in a FotoWare installation

Index Manager acts as a network catalog and indexing service for your FotoWare applications. It is a powerful Windows server application designed to handle expanding archives of digital media. Providing fast access and high speed metadata search, Index Manager simplifies the process of archiving files and acts as a network catalogue and index service for FotoWare applications. You can even access several independent archives through a common entry point for access to millions of files, without compromising search speed.


  • Keeps track of all the files in your system
  • Fast access and high speed search
  • Combine several archives into a single large one -without compromising performance.

Index Manager Editions

Index Manager comes in two editions - Standard and Enterprise. Their differences are outlined below:
Index Manager Standard

  • Sequential searching - One search at the time
  • Limited multi processor support
  • 100.000 files per index
  • 1.000.000 files per server
  • Up to 32 indexes
  • Indexes all files  


Index Manager Enterprise

  • Unions - for combining archives or creating backup index solutions
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple searches
  • Full multi processor support
  • 3.000.000 files per index
  • 3.000.000 files per server
  • Up to 32 indexes
  • Indexes all files

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