ex ReproTools4QPS

Automated transfer of pictureinformation in QPS while replacing LoRes (layout-) with HiRes pictures.

ex ReproTools4QPS allows the exchange of LoRes and HiRes pictures directly in the QuarkXPress layout. The new HiRes pictures will be checked in QPS after placement. While this check-in process all picture data captured in the QPS headerfields of the LoRes pictures, e.g. royalty information, will be automated transfered into the header fields of the new checked in HiRes picture.   


Editorial departments are normaly working with low resoluted pictures to create a new layout.
In many cases different pictureinformations are added over the header fields in the QPS system to these LoRes pictures, e.g. royalty information.

To guarantee the picture quality on the final layout/ productionsite, the LoRes pictures has to be exchanged in the document with corresponding high resoluted HiRes pictures. The command "Load HiRes" loads the corresponding HiRes from the filesystem into the QuarkXPress document. The new picture can be exactly adjusted in the pictureframe (scaling and position) by using the cross section pictureframe.

As soon as the HiRes pictures are added and placed in the pictureframes the command "Remove pictue frame" moves the LoRes pictures to a dedicated layer (unprintable and invisible) in QuarkXPress. The standard layer contains only the HiRes pictures. 

The command "Check-in HiRes pictures" checks in the exchanged HiRes pictures (already placed in the filesystem) into QPS. In this moment all contained pictureinformation (e.g. royalty information) of the LoRes pictures will automatically transfered to the HiRes pictures.

Pictures can be checked in single over the dialogue (e.g. for extern litho with Wan connection) or in batch process (directly or time delayed).

In the final layout all exchanged HiRes pictures contains the picture informations of the original LoRes pictures. 

Wich pictures are used in the layout and where the pictures are archived (QPS/filesystem) shows the following QuarkXPress dialogue:


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