ex PrintTools

Automating the output of pages (print, PDF, EPS, PS)

The ex PrintTools extends the printing dialog of QuarkXPress with several options and simplifies the handling. All parameters that are relevant for printing can be defined as a single printing job. The individual settings can be: printer, output (print, PS, EPS or PDF), page headers, text and picture information, post script extras.

Optional printing is possible with the following dialogue (replaces the default printing dialogue). The print jobs include all presettings. Furthermore the print job can be renamed automatically or manually. What is more is the possibility to print a document as single or double pages.

In addition to the output of single print jobs the jobs can also be combined as print sequences. Thus it is possible to treat multiple print jobs in one step.

The most important features:

  • Print jobs can be predefined with all preferences and called by clicking on the button.
  • Single print jobs can be gathered to print sequences and treated in one step.
  • Pages can be renamed during the output automatically or manually.
  • The output as PS, EPS, PDF is possible. Acrobat Distiller is supported directly. The output with ex EPSCreator is possible.
  • Page headers (with metadata from the system or QPS/ CPS) are to be defined freely and can be printed automatically with the output.
  • Additional information about texts and pictures can be defined and printed in the particular frame or attached as a PDF comment.
  • PostScript commands can be included in the output.
  • In combination with the Quark Publishin System (QPS) and the XTension ex AutoJob all output processes (for example printing or producing a PDF) can be automatized.

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