Proofing and editing of pdf-documents

The current version checks the following documents:

  • InDesign (v1.9 – CC 2018)
  • QuarkXPress (v3.1 – 2018)
  • Acrobat PDF (v3.0 – CC 2018)
  • Illustrator (v6.0 – CC 2018)
  • Photoshop (v4.0 – CC 2018)
  • PageMaker (v4.2 – v7.x)
  • FreeHand (v7.0 – v11.x)
  • Word (2000 – 2002)
  • CorelDRAW (v8.0 – v9.x)
  • EPS
  • TIFF
  • und mehr…

FlightCheck, a Robust PDF and native file preflight tool, saves printers and publisher generous amounts of time and money by warning them of hundreds of potential printing problems BEFORE output (print/PDF creation). This stand-alone application (native applications from the various file types not needed!)checks and reports all aspects of the document including document size, fonts, colors and images and much more. Additionally, FlightCheck takes the user directly to the problem, offers complete reporting and "collects" the entire job, including all fonts and images.
Enables complete quality control of Microsoft, Adobe and Quark documents. It is a stand-alone application, which means easy to use for anyone in the workflow, just drag-and-drop.


  • Preflights both PDF and non-PDF files
  • Removes guesswork identifying errors
  • Optimizes productivity and billable hours
  • Keep presses running at peak capacity
  • Verifies multiple documents in one session
  • Preflights widest range of digital files
  • Native applications are not required
  • Provides feedback to your customers
  • Establishes quality control continuity
  • Save money by eliminating job re-prints


  • Stand-Alone application
  • Refined Interface for PDF Preflighting
  • Categories of potential problems
  • Customizable rule sets to check PDF and non-PDF files
  • QuarkXPress 9.5 and InDesign CC Support
  • Support for Third-Party Font Applications
  • Customizable font & image paths
  • Scans, reports and collects the entire job
  • Much, much more!


FlightCheck comparison chart for print

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