Imposing of different filetypes direct out of QuakrXPress

Easy to learn, INposition's intuitive interface guides you through the imposition process, allowing you to remain in your familiar QuarkXPress environment while imposing your job to maximize output. Eliminate back-and-forth with clients and perform last-minute corrections while maintaining complete control over working file integrity. Master creep, bleed, crossover, page adjustment for the utmost quality of your imposed documents.


  • Impose pages from any document layout.
  • Customize marks by choosing the center marks, fold marks, trim makers and crop marks based on your selected preferences.
  • Color and grayscale bars, dot gain marks, registration targets, text tags for plate identification can be placed anywhere on the sheet.
  • Impose for saddle-stitched or perfect bound publications.
  • Custom styles can be added for easy template management.
  • Intuitive icons available for page offset, rotation, scaling and bleed-crossover enabling important document and publication information to be conveniently displayed.
  • Add and remove document pages by simple drag and drop.

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