Post Script-Software RIP

Up to now the complexity of PostScript has led to output errors. Since it is often the case that PostScript files are sent out when imaging, it was difficult and time consuming to correct errors after imaging. This now belongs to the past because of the PostScript interpreter PROscript. PROscript allows you to identify and correct PostScript errors during any point in the production process. PostScript-files can be opened and viewed on screen, where the program shows the estimated output time and objects which will cause errors. With PROScript, standardized and static PostScript files can be created which then can be exposed without a problem. Nested EPS files are eliminated and converted. From printer specified files, printer independent files are generated.PostScript files consisting of more than one page can be split into EPS files of one page each. If so selected, all fonts can be embedded in the file, whereby Mac versions as well as PC and UNIX fonts can be included. This excludes the probably most often occuring problem (fonts missing). Redundant header-informations are removed to compress files. PROScript solves all equations in the original file so that this does not need to be done during exposing. With the help of the included PROScript filter, PostScript files can be converted to other formats which can be imported to other image and layout programs. Some of the formats:

  • TIFF
  • PICT
  • BMP
  • Raster EPS

Numerous own filter definitions can be made and RGB images and spot colors can be converted in CMYK.




In difference to the standard version, the Hotfolder version can be set up to monitor folder and convert files automatically that are put into the folders. Each folder can have its own filter and the result file can be put into another hotfolder (making a chain). For example, this can be used to check a file and then add a preview to it.

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