automatically update pricing in a QuarkXPress document

PriceIt is an XTension which provides users with the ability to automatically update pricing in a QuarkXPress document directly from their database. Provides a lower-end user automatic price updating method. These prices may be maintained on PCs, Macs, Unix, or any other platform. The XTension proofs the document by field and record ID so a visual check can be made for all documents, guaranteeing the prices on the page are 100% consistent with your data source. PriceIt can also generate a report of all changes made to your document in the most recent update. Project Preferences: all relevant preferences including field names, source databases, currency prefixes, and other information specific to each project, can be saved and reloaded when required. Unlimited: PriceIt supports an unlimited number of fields, records and update. Intuitive menu layouts and fully configurable hotkey access to frequently used commands and menu items. Data sources supported: FileMaker Pro, 4th Dimension, Omnis, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Fox Pro, dBase, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, any application and platform that supports an ASCII export.-> ex CheckPrices


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