Define the structure of a publication

With PCS PlanLinker it is possible to define the structure of an issue of a publication, including parameters like stacking limit, colors, placement requests and reservations, basically all necessary information to plan a magazine or newspaper.
A link to a commercial system (e.g. COPAN) provides additional information from the advertising department. All make-up and pagination relevant information will be processed by PlanLinker.
Parameters like stacking limit and colors on page can be defined in templates and therefore can easily be used for another issue of the publication. This saves time and money.
The result is a QuarkXPress document which contains all placed ads as dummies on the requested page in the correct position. After dummy production the document can be split into single or double page documents for further production with QuarkXPress or QPS.
The ad dummies can be replaced with the original ad files (EPS) as soon as they are produced on keystroke. With the additional PageLinker XTension all information about the geometry of the document is forwarded to the PageLinker Server including the element status information in real time. Now this information is accessible by all users of the system.

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