Converting PDF files to InDesign documents

PDF2DTP (PDF to Desktop Publishing) for data conversion is a Markzware product family that includes an Adobe InDesign Plugin that allow you to convert PDF to Adobe InDesign CC2018 to CS6.

PDF2DTP is currently available as a Bundle Subscription (12 Month):

  • InDesign CC2018, CC2017, CC2015, CC2014, CC, CS6 for Mac

PDF2DTP provides a quick, easy and affordable method for you to migrate content from PDF into an editable format within Adobe InDesign. Once in InDesign, users are now in a flexible and familiar environment, allowing for much easier editing.

  • Convert PDF to InDesign CS6 to CC2018
  • Use one-click conversion to quickly and simply convert PDFs
  • Convert one or more pages at a time
  • Edit PDF text in a familiar, efficient page layout program
  • Eliminate time spent re-creating content
  • Get swift return on investment
  • Install easily and fast
  • Preserve intellectual property

All elements of the PDF-file will be conerted with just one mouseclick. No longer re-create documents from scratch or convert PDF just one page at a time. PDF2DTP gives you a big head-start in converting your PDF to InDesign or QuarkXPress. You just have to controll the colors and stylesheets etc.



File conversion is performed to the best standard achievable by current technology but will not be 100%. Use of this product is likely to require some manual processing to achieve the desired result.

NOTE: PDF2DTP does not convert Tables to True tables, threaded text boxes, or True Runaround text. While colors are converted, the colorspace of the PDF may not match the InDesign or QuarkXPress environment and, while color names may match the actual color in the document, may slightly vary.


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