MadeToPrintAuto InDesign/XPress

Automated print & file output with MadeToPrintAuto

As the established standard solution for optimizing, ensuring and streamlining printing & file exporting MadeToPrint has become essential in publishing environments all over the world – this applies especially for MadeToPrint which closes the gap between manual layouting and automated printing.

Besides offering all the features of the basic version, MadeToPrintAuto for InDesign, XPress and QPS runs hotfolder-based and completely unattended. Files are processed automatically through printing queues – 24 hours a day, all around the clock. MadeToPrintAuto is the proper tool to take an publishing workflow to the highest efficiency level.

Special features MadeToPrintAuto

  • speed up, ensure and enhance your print & file output
  • realizes automated Hotfolder-based processing
  • activates missing fonts, checks and updates image paths
  • updates images, which have been edited



MadeToPrintAuto QPS

MadeToPrintAuto QPS has been developed and fine tuned for seamless integration with Quark’s editorial system QPS. Similar to MadeToPrint XT auto, this powerful Plug-In runs hotfolder based as an unattended queue processing machine – in addition to the regular auto version it offers special editorial environment targeted features, like QPS header field triggered printing. MadeToPrintAuto QPS executes printing and file exporting entirely QPS database driven and fully status controlled, helping to increase productivity and avoid output errors.

Special features MadeToPrint auto

  • for seamless integration with Quark QPS
  • runs Hotfolder-based as an unattended queue processing machine
  • runs in close connection with the QPS database – allows complete output control
  • checks out documents intended for being printed – and back in
  • realizes entire output status control on all documents

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