Imposer Pro

Impose pages from a single QuarkXpress document into 2 Up, 4 Up or 8 up flats

Impose pages from a  single QuarkXpress document into 2 up, 4 up or 8 Up flats. Unlike other solutions that are currently available to QuakXPress users, Imposer Pro will not rearrange or shuffle pages in a document - rather reordering is handled in the print system yielding not only quicker but more reliable results.  Imposer Pro will give you full control over creep, bleed, and crossover traps. Whether your production piece is a brochure or a book, Imposer offers a seamless, easy-to-use solution to QuarkXpress.

In conjunction with the MarkIt XTension Imposer Pro allows placement of custom marks.

Imposer Pro is a more powerful version of the Imposer XTensions. Imposer Pro incorporates all of the features of Imposer and adds 8-up flats (Imposer only 4), split web and sheet wise printing, multi-sheet signatures, and more.

Features include

  • Choose from three sheet types: 2-up, 4-up, or 8-up
  • Choose from five imposition types: Standard, Work and Turn, Work and Tumble, Split Web, and Sheet Wise
  • Accommodate saddle-stitched, perfect-bound, spiral bound, comb bound, three-hole punched, and single-cut sheets
  • Flip and move pages within a printer flat
  • Specify the number of pages in a signature
  • Control plate margins; horizontal, vertical, and spread gaps; bleeds; crossover trapping; and creep
  • Start an imposition at any page in the document
  • Access registration styles created using the Quark ALAP MarkIt 2.x XTensions software
  • Save frequently used settings as re-usable imposition styles
  • Export and share imposition styles
  • Preview a printer flat and control color depth of previews
  • Display page boundaries, bleeds, and page numbers in previews
  • Support tiling
  • Print with standard QuarkXPress controls

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