FlightCheck Studio

Direct-Preflight in QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign

FlightCheck Studio is capable of detecting virtually all problems commonly encountered in the print, and publishing industry. By simply clicking on a reported error, FlightCheck Studio takes the operator directly to the page and place in the document where the suspect element is located to facilitate repair or replacement.

Document design specifications are based on rules known as (Design Policies). A Design Policy is saved as a file, which is then distributed to any number of designers, or customers to insure all documents will comply with your Design Policy. All aspects of the design can be controlled including: style sheets, font usage, images, colors, etc.

The FlightCheck Studio Inspector is used to locate specific elements that would otherwise be difficult to find. For instance, to locate a picture rotated 1ΒΌ which would be nearly impossible to find with your eye; or you might want to find the next occurrence of a box with trap set to knockout. FlightCheck Studio is the essential desktop tool for anyone creating content, providing assurance that once the file has been completed, it is true and will proceed through the rest of the workflow without a hitch.

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